Online Side Hustles is one of the best ways to make money because it gives you flexibility, which is very hard to get when you are working full-time jobs. But which online side hustles are really worth the investment of your time and effort?

In today’s blog, I’m gonna give you the best online side hustles that (many of them) you can start immediately and with no cost at all.

Selling Services On Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. The company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. You can easily open an account and start selling gigs (your services) for a profit

You can sell almost any service you want on Fiverr. The most popular gigs out there are :

  • Website Design
  • WordPress
  • Logo Design
  • Dropshipping
  • Digital Marketing

Choose things that you are really good at, and you think it’s gonna satisfy your customers, create gigs about them and put them in the work, and wait, knowing how to market your gigs will give you a huge boost.

Estimated income: From 150$ to 1000$ (sometimes more, it depends on your customers).


If your English is good, you can make a few extra bucks working as a transcriptionist, it’s a job that involves listening to a recording or audio file and typing the contents up into a document that would get submitted to the client for review.

Most transcribing websites require you to do a test before they accept you, so prepare yourself before applying to any one of them

The well-known transcribing websites:

Scribie: the difficulty of the test is medium, they pay you $5 to $25 per audio hour.

TranscribeMe: their test is hard, and they pay $15-$22 per audio hour.

Crowdsurfwork: the difficulty of the test is medium, payment is $1-$12 per audio hour.

QA World: the test is easy, payment is $3-$9 per audio hour.

Youtube channel

Opening a YouTube channel is one of the classic ways of online side hustles but yet, it is still one of the most profitable businesses in the digital world, and it’s never too late to open a youtube channel as long as you can provide real value to your targeted audience.

Maybe, in the beginning, you will find it a little bit harder to make money but, by the time and with good content delivered, you will be amazed about how much money you have made

Most viewed niches on YouTube:

  • Product Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Tech Videos
  • Storytime Videos
  • Fashion
  • Vlogs
  • Gaming
  • Food

Estimated income: the average CRM is about $4.18 per 1,000 views


It’s very similar to having a youtube channel but here, you are writing instead of making videos. Blogging is making a website (WordPress or Blogger) where you can write about things that interest you and your audience.

Having original content that delivers value to your audience, will help your blog gets more visitors (traffic), which will make you money later

the most common ways to make money blogging:

Affiliate marketing: you promote products on your blog and once people use your link to buy that product you earn a commission on that.

Selling products: you can sell your own products on your blog( Ebook, courses, plugins, services…etc), although it needs some additional hard work, but this is the most profitable way to make money blogging because you take 100% of the profit.

Sign up for Google Adsense: it’s like affiliate marketing but there is a third-party which is Google, you give google some space on your blog (usually on the sidebar), they use it for advertisement and when your visitors click on that ad you get a commission.

Estimated income: depends on your traffic, the more you have the more likely to earn more, there are some blogs that make over $20,000/month.


Of course, we can’t talk about online side hustles without talking about Dropshipping. So, Dropshipping is when an entrepreneur starts his online business and sells products to his customers without even stocking the items himself.

Instead, when a dropshipping store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party automatically and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Websites That Everyone Should Know Before Starting His Dropshipping Journey :

Estimated Income: Considering that dropshippers make around 20% and 30% from each sale. So the monthly income could be something between $1200 and $6000.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing means the activities that a company takes to promote the buying or selling of products and services, which includes advertising, selling, and delivering products to consumers or other businesses.

As a Digital Marketer or “Digital Marketing Specialist” your job is to do the market research, strategize with other marketing professionals, and create content to help the marketing campaigns succeed.

Positions that you can take as a digital marketer:

  • SEO and SEM Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Content Strategist
  • Digital Marketing Manager

To become a Digital Marketer you can search for online courses that provide you with the information you need, or you can check our previous blog which we discuss the websites that could help you get there (you can even get certifications).

Estimated income: this is one of the best online side hustles because it can make you around $2000 To $10,000 per month and it depends on many factors (degrees, experience, skills…etc).


Coding is giving instructions to computers with programming languages like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript… You can use coding to create websites, apps, and other technologies.

Coding jobs are highly demanded, there is a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that computer and information technology employment will grow 11% between 2019 and 2029. Coding isn’t just used for programming mobile apps and websites.

But How Do I Learn Coding?

  1. Start with online courses (we have an articale about that)
  2. Watch some YouTube videos
  3. Read Coding books and ebooks
  4. Search for groups and cummunities
  5. Try to complete a project by your own

Estimated Income: if you took Coding seriously and put on some hard work, you can easily end up with $6,000 per month


Trading means the activity of buying and selling financial assets in different markets (stocks, currencies, commodities, derivatives) with the aim of making profits.

Before you start trading, you must have an overlook about how the market works and what you are really signing up for. So after you get some knowledge you try to develop a trading strategy, and then you choose your broker.

After that, you set up a demo account and you start applying your strategy and see what works out and what’s not.

As a trader what should I buy and sell?

Well, traders buy and sell stocks, futures, forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and other securities, So by closing out positions traders make small or big gains depending on the capital that they invested in.

Trading styleTime frame (holding period)Method
Position tradingMonths to yearsDiscretionary or system
Swing tradingDays to weeksDiscretionary or system
Day tradingDay only—no overnight positionsDiscretionary or system
Scalp tradingSeconds to minutes—no overnight positionsDiscretionary or system
High-frequency tradingSeconds to minutesSystem only
Source: Investopedia


Online side hustles are not as simple as they make it seem( easy money is a scam) but, reading books, learning from other people’s mistakes, and investing your energy and your time will get you what you want in life, not just money.

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