During the pandemic of COVID-19, the unemployment rate was at its highest, and millions of people were out of jobs, so what happened, they headed to make money online and the Freelancing Platforms saw a huge boom after that, of course, we all agree that freelancing can make you a few extra money but if you took it as a full-time job, can freelance make you rich?

if you want the short answer to that it’s YES but if you wanna know more details you should stick to the last of this blog post.

Can Freelance Make You Rich

Why Freelancing

For me, I consider freelancing one of the Best online jobs of all time, and I’ll tell you why:

1- Flexibility:

probably the best feature of being a freelancer is that you can organize your working time as you want, morning, afternoon or evening doesn’t matter, you work when you feel to and you stop when you like to. By having a flexible work schedule you get enough time to enjoy your life and family.

2- Low Costs:

let’s say you have a digital marketing agency so in order to perform your work you need an office with all its equipment (desks, computers, chairs…etc), plus you need to pay for an insurance company and the rent, if the profit is insufficient, your agency will fail because of the accumulation of these costs.

As a freelancer, you will get rid of almost 80% of the previous costs, simply, you register on a freelancing website optimize your profile and start making profits.

3- Education Through Working:

It’s different from working in a company where you will be doing the same boring thing for 20 years, and that’s because freelancing has a high level of competition, which will drive you to be a creative and unique to succeed, so you will learn a lot of new things while you working at the same time.

What Can You Do As A Freelancer

There is an infinite amount of jobs, but I’ll give you the most demanded and highest-paying jobs that you can do as a freelancer:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Logo Design
  • SEO
  • Video Editing
  • Web Development
  • Writing and Translation
  • Voice Over

Can Freelance Make You Rich

Everyone has his own definition of being rich, but what I’m talking about here is that can freelancing makes you a large amount of money. The answer is YES it does, and actually, there are a lot of people who made it, but HOW?

Of course, the answer is more than just “hard work”, I did some research about that and what I found is:

Niche Down: specify your niche, choosing a couple of skills and then expertise in them is better than doing almost any job you think you can do, and this is a common mistake among freelancers. Ilise Benun is a successful Six-Figure Freelancer she said: “You can’t be everything to everyone. Focus is essential to success and builds your competence and self-confidence.”

Be There 24/7: You tryna get rich right? so you need to be present whenever clients need you, you cannot just create an account, then leave it there until you get a client especially when you are new and inexperienced, there’s a high chance that clients will stay away from you. In this case, building your reputation and trying to cover everything in your field is your main focus.

It’s Okay To Give More Than You Receive: Remember you are building your name and it’s ALL you need in this business, so when you do the work you were hired for, do not be afraid to go beyond that, go for the extra mile see if you can add things for free, create a positive connection with your clients, make them glad that they choose you, don’t do it just for the money do it for your name to stand out from the competition.

Prices: We can’t talk about getting rich by freelancing without talking about prices, your prices have a major role in the process of getting selected by clients.

Do not underestimate your prices because if your prices are too low it can hinder the confidence of potential clients in your skills, instead, dive into your market do your research to find out how much other people are charging for their services, look for the experts and professionals, and then based on what can you offer, price yourself honestly and with all confidence.

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