Blogging is one of the oldest ways to make money online and with all the new methods of online money-making, people have started asking themselves whether it is still a profitable business or not.

Can You Make Money Blogging In 2022?

Well, if you want a short answer for that scroll down to the third title, but I recommend you to read the whole article since it contains very helpful information especially if you are considering making a living from blogging.

can you make money blogging

Blogs Niche

What makes a certain blog earn a double amount of money compared to other blogs? The answer is the niche, it’s all that you need to focus on in the beginning, by choosing your niche wisely and carefully before starting blogging you will have a tremendous effect on your future income.

For those who don’t know what does mean a niche simply, it is a market that can be defined by its own unique needs, preferences, or identity that makes it different from the market at large with a specific and well-defined audience. Here is a list of profitable topics you can write about:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Personal Finance
  • Traveling
  • Business and Marketing
  • Lifestyle

When you choose what to write about using the combination of something that you can write about + a profitable niche

Skills Needed In order to scale faster

To scale up fast in the blogging business you will have to learn certain skills( as I did in my blog) or if you find yourself you don’t want to, you can hire someone else to do it for you. These skills include:


Blogging requires you to become a writer whether you like it or not, and in order to succeed in this business you have to write or at least hire someone who can but that will cost you, especially in the beginning. So the number one piece of advice that I could give you in blogging is to learn how to write, you will find it suck in the beginning but by the time you will improve.


Many bloggers write unique and rich content that is worth reading but unfortunately, they don’t get much traffic, probably one of the main reasons is they don’t know much about SEO.

SEO is an essential thing from day one and you can’t avoid it, so you either hire someone who can do it for you or you can learn about it but I don’t recommend you to pay for SEO in the beginning since it is quite expensive.

Social Media Marketing:

Another way to increase your blog traffic is to market them through social media platforms, According to Oberlo 73% of marketers think that social media has been effective to their businesses, you can benefit from that, but at the same time do not depend on it as the main source for your traffic.

If you took it seriously you can learn social media marketing within 4 to 6 months, but if you wanna focus more on creating content(writing your blogs) you can save some time by hiring a social media manager since their prices are affordable.


You can find someone who can design for you with a low budget, or you can do it on your own by learning the basics of design and using canvas because in blogging you do not need to use too many complicated designing, only templates, and simple designs.

Blogging is going nowhere

People are making money blogging now more than ever before, let’s look at it this way, a blog is a mediator of purchase decisions, a blog lives between the search query and the purchase button, it’s a third-party source of information, it helps customers make their decisions and on the other hand, it helps google make money with their Ads. Matter of fact, over half of google’s revenue comes from their Ads.

So, in my opinion, I don’t think that blogging is going away any time sooner, it might get a little harder due to all the AI content generators but, if you could create original content will make you stand out easily.

Ways of making money blogging

There are several ways of making money blogging these are the most common ways:

Affiliate programs:

As a blogger, you can write about anything you want including product reviews and recommendations, and you can make a lot of money doing that, so every time someone buys a product with your link you receive a commission from the purchase.

Many companies are willing to pay you serious money as long as you market for their products.

Display Ads:

Display ads are the images and videos ads shown to people as they browse through your blog, you can do it with google absence or other display ads companies, most of them use the PPC (pay per click) which is mean you receive a payment every time someone clicks on the ad of your blog.

Digital Products:

This is probably the most profitable way of making money but it is also the hardest one because at this point you need to gain your audience’s trust first.

When selling your digital product and which may include courses, services, or software that you create, you receive 100% of the profits because the products are yours and you are not just a marketer here.

Sponsored Posts:

Another way to make a few bucks is to do the sponsored posts or the guest posting, so basically what you will be doing is letting people post their articles on your blog with their links and names on it in exchange for a price that you agreed on.


Owning a blog is like owning a business if you wanna succeed you have to know your audience wants to read and write about it, that’s will gets you the traffic and the traffic will get you the money. Also building a business will take time and effort so do not give up early and always keep grinding.

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